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Lisa Skog Ceramic Art
Handmade functional and sculptural ceramics

Oxidation firing is usually carried out in an electric kiln and is probably the most common type of firing. Most electric kilns are computer controlled to obtain precise temperature schedules. In this process, the kiln has adequate oxygen to interact with the glazes and clay body during the firing. The resulting pottery is typically brighter, richer and more uniform in colour than reduction fired pottery, because there is no flame swirling around the kiln.

Although the process sounds simple, it actually requires a good deal of experience to determine the types of glazes, firing temperatures and schedules, cooling rates etc to achieve consistent and interesting results. I often layer several glazes which blend together in the firing to form intriguing, diverse and often unexpected colours and patterns as the glazes flow together. I also usually add patterns and texture with slips and underglazes.

Lisa Skog is a ceramic artist creating raku and wood-fired pottery. handmade and sculptural ceramics,  hamilton, ontario.Copyright © Lisa Skog Ceramic Art. All rights reserved.